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Core Features


Live Classes

This is where you'll learn all the fundamentals of trading. Each class will be in chronological order from beginner to advanced lessons.

Q&A Session

In the middle of every week, we'll have a Q&A session to make sure you're on track & ready for the next phase.

Friday Trading Panel

On Friday's we'll recap the entire week and what we've learned. We'll go over our trades, reflect on your progress, and help you overcome any roadblocks.

Private Community

We've built a separate community where you can engage with other students, help one another, and reach out to me or the team.

Personalized Feedback

We've built a separate community where you can engage with other students, help one another, and reach out to me or the team.

Weekly Market Prep

On Sunday's we'll prepare for the upcoming week. We'll make sure you have a plan and actionable steps going into the week.

Introducing Rake Trades MasterMind

The Trading Course Where You'll...


Custom Trading System

If you ever found your trading to be scrappy, trouble staying consistent, or difficult following your trading plan (if you have one).

Those are all symptoms of not having a system. Inside the Mastermind our training revolves around helping you follow a system.

The same system I use day-to-day in my trading.

Find Your People

Trading can be a lonely journey. Especially for those just starting out, it’s key to have people around you who encourage you and lift you when you’re down.

I can confidently say our community from the students to the moderators is the place for traders to find lifelong friends who share your passion.

Reach Your Potential

You’ll be off the sidelines and in the action. Trading will allow you to become who you want to be.

Whether it’s exploring other ventures, attaining freedom, or wealth.

You’ll be surprised how far trading can take you and the opportunities presented along the way.

Our Students


Who is this Course For?


It’s for traders at any level, even aspiring traders that have no experience.

If you’re serious about turning trading into a career and are willing to religiously apply the things we teach day in and day out.

THIS mastermind is for you if:

  • You want more out of life and you are committed to getting it.
  • You’re tired of trying different strategies and methods that don’t work or fit your style
  • You realize that throwing losing money each month doesn't guarantee the results you're looking for. You want to learn and adopt a framework that's tested, and are willing to largely follow that framework.
  • You want to learn "over-the-shoulder" from someone who's been trading with years of experience and an extensive track-record.

THIS mastermind IS NOT for you if:

  • You're not willing to put in the time and effort during and after the Mastermind ends.
  • You’re looking for precise pre-drafted formulas and one-size-fits-all tips & tricks.
  • You’re hoping for shortcuts and cheap tricks that don’t take time.
  • You prefer to learn in isolation over group connection. Rake Trades is a social experience.

The Breakdown
Take A Look At The Breakdown of The Mastermind

Mastermind Philosophy

Trading Education Like You've Never  Experienced


The Rake Trades Mastermind is NOT a traditional course.

It’s a high-energy, community where your growth is prioritized. This is unlike any education you’ve known.



When you’re learning live, it’s a whole new experience.

It’s not your typical boring class you’d have in school either.

These are designed to help you understand the core of trading unlike anything else.

Simple, exciting, and effective.



You’re never alone!

From the minute you’re on-boarded to the last second of the Mastermind we are by your side ready to help.

We make sure all of your questions are answered and you’re on track to achieving your goals.



Very rare is that you see the instructor in the weeds with you helping you overcome any obstacle.

But that’s what you’ll get inside the Rake Trades Mastermind.

We roll up our sleeves and don’t rest until you’ve become a consistently profitable trader.

Our Alumni Students
From Students to Profitable Traders


Started trading options a little over 2 years ago. July of 2022 he attended the first Mastermind and shortly after he was promoted to the first team member of RakeTrades. A few months after that he was promoted to a moderator. Now Ron is a huge pillar of the community and helps other traders inside apply what he's learned to become a profitable trader.

Ron G.
RakeTrades Mastermind 1.0 Student
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Shakila received her first withdrawal of $2,000 from her funded account recently. Despite the challenges she faced along the way, Shakila's hard work has paid off, and she is excited about the future opportunities that lie ahead. Congratulations to Shakila on this milestone, and here's to many more successful withdrawals!

RakeTrades Mastermind 1.0 Student
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Aaron, a trader who initially faced inconsistencies, found clarity and a clearer path to his goals after joining Mastermind 4.0. He now balances his full-time trading while working in hospitality and has become a valued team member at Rake Trades for his expertise and willingness to help others.

Aaron L.
RakeTrades Mastermind 4.0 Student
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A finance graduate who started his career as a corporate financial analyst, transitioned to trading after realizing it was his true passion. After facing challenges in 2021, he discovered Mastermind 4.0, which proved to be a game-changer for him, leading to significant growth and ultimately earning him a promotion to assist other students within the community.

Jake B.
RakeTrades Mastermind 4.0 Student
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8 Core Curriculum Live Classes
4x Weekly Recap Sessions
4x Friday Trade Review Sessions
4x Weekly Market Prep
Psychology Sessions
Lifetime Access to Private Mastermind Community (Discord)
Lifetime Access to Mastermind Recordings
-Guest Speakers (Industry Leaders)
-Bonus Video Lessons